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The focus of Soft Tissue Therapy and Remedial Massage is to try and 'remedy' a musculoskeletal problem. This is achieved by using a variety of advanced massage techniques to manipulate the tissues (muscles, tendons and ligaments) in order to readdress imbalance and tension.


These techniques are safe and suitable for anybody suffering with aches, pains or injury- you don't have to be an athlete to benefit! We see a very diverse range of clients, many of whom are dealing with the curse of modern living- poor posture and lack of functional movement! The treatment is focused on rehabilitation, with follow up exercise/stretching plans. When appropriate, K-tape can also be applied to help off-load areas of heavy tension.

Choose a treatment...



Sports Massage

Focused treatment for one area only or those short on time. If there are multiple issues, please consider booking a longer slot, as muscles need time to warm up in order to apply deep pressure.




Sports Massage

Ideal for new clients, it allows plenty of time to discuss case history and asses joint function. Also the best option for those with multiple areas that need
attention eg. Legs and shoulders


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