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  • '100% recommend Claire. She made me feel comfortable and at ease from the moment I walked in. Friendly, easy to get on with and most importantly great at a massage! She worked wonders on my calves and went above and beyond for me. Will definitely be back regularly. Thanks Claire!' - Leila

  • 'I went to see Claire today having had a bad back for 12 months. She spent some time analysing my sore muscles and was able to very quickly identify the reasons for my pain. Following a very thorough massage she then gave lots of advice of exercises and routine changes that I need to make in order to have a long term solution. Highly recommended.' - Chris

  • 'Claire had been helping me with niggles prior to running the London Marathon. Her approach has seem some great results for me and I love her common sense approach. She is very knowledgeable and has made a huge difference for me. I will be carrying on seeing her after the marathon. Highly recommend' - Gill

  • 'Have used Claire's therapies a few times now and I cannot recommend them highly enough. Having used various chiropractic and physio services over many years, Claire has been the most effective treating my minor ailments. Would totally recommend giving Claire a try as its proved to be invaluable for myself and worth checking out.' - Jason

  • 'I visited Claire today for persistent Back Shoulder and Hip pain which has been troubling me for a few months, After an hours treatment I am moving much more freely than I have been for a long while and physically feel much less tight. I cannot recommend Claire enough for all of those niggles that anyone who exercises gets.' - Haidi

  • 'After my first session my back felt so much better. All I can say is if you want the best treatment go to someone like Claire because she is certainly up there amongst the best! - Carlos

  • 'Number 1) she’s super nice, 2) she knows her stuff, 3) super helpful and gave me some different stretches to do at home but not in a lecturing boring way. We got to the route of both issues with a bit of toe curling massage and she worked my quads but no pain no gain. Thanks Claire I’ll be passing your details on to a lot more people.' - Tara

  • 'I've had persistent problems with injuries when running. Claire was fantastic and wish I had visited her sooner. She's so personable, was able to talk me through the injury and has given me terrific advice to avoid injury in the future.' - Gillian

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